What They Do and What They Are – A Complete Sex Toy Guide

A lot of people tend to think that they are too good for sex toys. That they and their partner don’t need any of those frivolous things in order to create excitement in the bedroom. However, once you enter this world, and learn more about these toys – you’ll definitely want to try out at least one!

Sex toys won’t just add more heat in the bedroom department. They will also bond you and your partner.  However, getting started isn’t easy. There are so many different toys and different uses for them that choosing the first one can really be tough.

So, in order to help you, we made a list of six essential sex toy types, including what you can use them for, and how.

*Nipple Clamp – BDSM play is all about the pain you can handle, the pain that will turn you on. Nipple clamps are perfect for that. Attaching them hurts, but the sensation is amazingly hot. Also, once the clamps are taken off, the blood will start rushing back into your nipples. This will make them more sensitive, and it will intensify the pleasure.

*Dildo – these classic sex toys are anything but boring, and a lot of men and women will tell you that. If you’re looking for a penetration feeling that is most alike to a real penis, this is the toy for you. You can choose the size, shape, width, length, material, and even the curve of your dildo. A pro tip – dildos with a curve will give more action to your G-spot.

*Vibrator – whether you’re single or you have a partner, this should be your favorite sex toy. Whether you like them big or small, thin or thick, amusing or plain, vibrators are a lot of fun. These toys can provide whatever sensation you’re looking for at the moment, and more.

*Butt Plug – if you need an introduction to anal play, you should definitely consider butt plugs. If you’re just a beginner, take a shower before you start playing with this toy. You shouldn’t get right to it; have a little foreplay before inserting it. Relax and lube up – this is what matters the most here. As soon as you relax, you’ll start enjoying the sensation this anal toy provides.

*Clitoral Massager – if you have a tough time coming, this tiny vibrator that focuses on the most sensitive spot can be the perfect solution. A clitoral massager can help you come faster and easier during sex or during your lone sessions. There are women who thought they couldn’t come before they gave a shot to one of these toys – then they realized they just weren’t stimulated properly.

*Handcuffs – although these aren’t a physical sensation, you will love them. They provide an emotional and mental turn-on that can arouse you beyond belief. Set up a sexy prisoner scene, and fulfill all of your fantasies with your partner. Just one warning before you start – get a cushy, soft pair, so you don’t hurt your wrists in passion.

That’s it for the intro, the choice of toys, and how you’ll use them is completely up to you.