A kinkster’s guide to female chastity belts

Nowadays, tons of kinksters practice the taboo art of chastity play in and outside the bedroom. But what are female chastity devices, and how can they bring you pleasure or pain? Find out in this guide to female chastity belts!

What is a female chastity device?

History often portrays chastity belts as haunting and terrifying devices for female slaves, prostitutes, and prisoners. However, modern chastity devices are not used for those purposes, and they are purely sexual. They are mainly utilized in BDSM relationships and for “unconventional” sex dynamics that relate to fetishes, submission/humiliation, etc.

Today, we have access to a wide range of different chastity devices, and can easily be ordered from lovegasm. Their design prevents the wearer from experiencing intercourse. That includes any other type of sexual pleasure or release.

Typically, modern chastity belts have a metal band (U-shaped). It extends along the crotch length (from the waist to the anus). The U-band provides a comfortable fit, and you can secure it in place with a lockable and adjustable waistband. The belt has a lock and key mechanism.

When locked, the wearer can’t remove the device unless they get permission from the keyholder. This can go on for a few hours or an extended period of time (months or years) with occasional allowances for hygiene purposes. Of course, you can remove them to complete the necessary bodily functions.

Why do people wear them?

To the unacquainted, it may be difficult to understand exactly how people can use chastity belts in a sexual context. However, there are many reasons why men and women love chastity games.

For one, the belt symbolizes the power exchange between two people. The master, dom, owner, or keyholder can lock up the female wearer. Then, they can hold full control over the sexual and non-sexual behaviors of the wearer, sub, pet, or slave. Of course, this type of relationship has to remain safe, sane, sober, and consensual.

Chastity belts are also fantastic for tease and denial kinks. Even people who only practice vanilla sex can truly enjoy them. They can boost romance to improve the sex lives of married couples and prevent infidelity.

Conversely, chastity devices are a big part of BDSM play. That includes erotic humiliation, orgasm denial, torture, consensual abuse, pet play, etc. Many women enjoy chastity play because it is the perfect symbol of submission and dominance.

For example, the keyholder can make their female partner wear the belt and deny her pleasure. Then, they can consensually force her to do their bidding and please them sexually. If the wearer obeys and does what she is told, the keyholder can free her and give her permission to cum. Here, the release will be much stronger than a regular orgasm.

Make sure the materials are safe

If you want to wear a chastity belt, you will need to do some research first. For one, you will have to take accurate measurements to get a proper fit. Female chastity belts fit and measure easier compared to male variants.

Also, you will need to pick the safest material. Typically, modern chastity belts are made from metal. This is usually medical-grade titanium or stainless steel. Steel chastity belts are the safest wearables. They last a long time and are easy to clean.

Still, it’s possible to buy chastity belts made of ABS plastic, silicone, or polycarbonate. These belts may be a bit lighter compared to their metal variants. Regarding unsafe materials, steer clear of TPE, leather, rubber, and similar. They are porous, which means that they collect bacteria.

Where can you buy one?

There’s a wide range of affordable and luxury options for any budget. Plus, chastity belts are widely available, and you won’t have to spend a lot of time looking for one. It could take a simple trip to a local sex toy store to find your ideal belt. However, if you prefer a wider range of options and are embarrassed about buying a chastity belt in person, you’ll find them in most reputable online sex stores.

How to clean your belt

Not all belts are equal, and some are more difficult to clean than others. If your belt has many unique design features and curves, you’ll have to spend more time cleaning it thoroughly. You should clean your chastity belt on a daily and weekly basis.

During daily cleaning, you should obviously clean your privates along with your belt. Use soap and lukewarm water on the belt and clean it with a soft cloth.

The next method is to thoroughly clean your belt once a week. This involves the full removal of the device. You should inspect the interior of the device for dirt, rust, and similar issues. After that, soak the hardware in disinfectant to destroy any germs. Let it sit in the sun or use a blow dryer to ensure that the belt is 100% dry.

Let the games begin!

Would you be brave enough to strap on a chastity belt and follow your master’s bidding? Order a chastity belt today and have fun!