If you disrespect your office rules or talk about sex all the time, you’ll actually broadcast your inner desires to your colleagues. Your co-workers could think that you only see them as potential sexual partners, and that could make them feel incredibly uncomfortable. While you should refrain from expressing your sexuality at the office, this will not always be easy. Take a look at our tips on controlling your sexual urges in the workplace!

Do Not Allow Obscenities to Be Used in Your Presence

When it comes to the use of profanity, it is generally forbidden. Obviously, you shouldn’t use obscenities when talking to your fellow employees as well as your customers or clients. The use of cuss words or sexually charged language is unprofessional. Furthermore, it could get you in serious trouble. But if you already have a strict no-profanity policy, what should you do if you hear it from other employees?


It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to silence every swear word. Also, reporting each swear word to human resources could be time-consuming. It could interfere with your work. One way to keep cool here is to state your personal boundaries clearly. If you don’t want your colleagues to cuss, swear, or use any language that evokes sexual feelings, tell them about it. Many swear words have sexual components. Thus, removing them from the workplace could eliminate sexual thoughts and discussions.

Do Not Participate in Sexual or Crude Jokes

Unfortunately, sexual humor is incredibly common in some work environments. Quite often, sexual jokes are full of discrimination, misogyny, racism, and general distaste. They do not belong in your office. If you’re the one who constantly initiates sexual jokes, you’ll let your co-workers know that sex is always on your mind. They may start to believe that you are willing to engage in more serious sexual activities with other colleagues. Basically, you need to avoid telling sex jokes by all means.

Still, if you merely listen and laugh, you are directly giving your approval. If you participate in them and encourage your colleagues, you could introduce an aura of lust. Some employees could have a big issue with this. They could see it as an invitation for sex. Moreover, innuendos and euphemisms should also be discouraged. If you absolutely have to use them, leave them for a night out at the pub. This will mean a lot to your female, male, and non-binary co-workers. 


Furthermore, if you have a problem with sex-related humor, but your co-workers keep insisting on it, it’s best to confront them. In extreme cases, it would even be a good idea to contact HR. If your co-workers are making inappropriate sexual jokes about your fellow employees, you should let the human resources department know.

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Lust

Lust and sexual desire are primal emotions that are difficult to control. Even if you think that you can keep your high sex drive in check, you could always underestimate its power. Lust can make its way into any situation that has a sexual component.


As mentioned, if you insist on behaviors of a sexual nature, you willingly express your sexuality. That way, you enable others to see you in a sexual manner. This could lead the way to lust. It could break down personal boundaries. Additionally, only a few examples of lust could start off a chain reaction in your office. It could bring a sexually charged atmosphere into your work environment.


Obviously, our tips could be highly effective if everyone followed them in the real world. However, it’s important to note that office dynamics do not always work out this way. They clearly allow people to make connections. Sometimes, two people could form a mutual appreciation that could even develop into a relationship.

If you and your colleague are in a similar situation, you’ll need to follow your company’s guidelines. What’s more, when it comes to lust and flirting, you should keep it out of the workplace and reserve it for your private time.

Discourage Personal, Revelatory Conversations With Members of the Opposite Sex

If you truly have a problem containing your urges, refrain from all personal conversations. That mainly includes talks with co-workers belonging to the gender that you’re attracted to.


What’s more, if you simply cannot contain yourself, avoid all talks related to deeply personal matters. Those discussions can quickly turn to sexual subjects. That includes past relationships, dating, etc. This can make your conversation purely sexual. It could encourage other employees to do the same.


Additionally, if you truly need to have a deep conversation regarding a personal matter with your colleague, try to find a third party. That way, they can monitor the conversation. If there is a problem between you and a co-worker, you could even ask a member of HR to attend your meeting. You could also pick a trustworthy friend. Here, the third party could act as a buffer during your conversation.

Object Immediately if Someone Else Touches You in an Inappropriate Way

Inappropriate touching, groping, and fondling should be banned in all workplaces. Unfortunately, many of your co-workers and higher-ups could exploit the blurred lines between friendly and sexual touching. Like that, they could get away with straight-up sexual harassment.

When it happens, most people who get touched feel awkward or embarrassed. Usually, they try to deny or explain it in some way. This type of second-guessing will only encourage the groper to find other victims. What’s more, if you ignore it, you could expose yourself to serious sexual abuse.


It should be quite obvious whether someone has touched you in an inappropriate way on purpose. Plus, it rarely occurs by accident. It’s acceptable for someone to bump into you by mistake in a busy office corridor. Yet, you should speak out against inappropriate touching immediately if you see that it was done on purpose. Furthermore, people who do this will attempt it repeatedly. If you notice a pattern or other forms of compulsive sexual behavior, figure out the necessary steps to report it while following your company’s rulebook.

Final Thoughts

If you follow our tips, you won’t only be able to calm down your personal urges at work. You will also inspire others to create a better working environment! Good luck!